“Countryside Air” and “Sparkle Theme” from “The Great British Baking Show”

If you’ve got a taste for the cozy, good-natured, and surprisingly gripping drama of “The Great British Baking Show,” then you might be pleased to know about these two musical soupçons: sheet music for “Countryside Air” and “Sparkle Theme.” Composed by Thomas Howe, these motifs are often played on the soundtrack of the beloved TV competition, which is known as “The Great British Bake Off” in its home country.

“Countryside Air” has a brisk, cheery efficiency; it’s a theme that often accompanies our friends in “Bake Off”’s iconic white tent as the week’s challenges get underway, when the bakers still have spotless aprons and fresh, hopeful energy.

The bakers’ aprons and counter spaces are usually messy by the time we hear the “Sparkle Theme.” This soothing and twinkling music unfurls as the bakers get ready to present their showstopper bakes, before the judging begins.

You know, if you have a piano and a companion who enjoys baking, perhaps a performance or two of the “Sparkle Theme” might inspire your loved one to whip up some delectable that’s worthy of that most coveted of the “Bake Off” judges’ accolades: a Paul Hollywood handshake. Maybe something off the showstopper menu: an opera cake, for instance, or a biscuit selfie, or even a giant cookie in the shape of a guitar. Then again, I think most people would be delighted with half a dozen molten chocolate cakes; and home-baked cakes wouldn’t even have to be uniform in size!

Where to find them: sheet music for “Countryside Air” and “Sparkle Theme” available for purchase as digital downloads at musicnotes.com.

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